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If you have an question thats not listed below, please contact us by our contact page.

Q: Connection problem, can't download list?

I have a stable internet connection but received the notification, "no internet connection", i cannot download the radar list.


Due to a server problem it was temporarily not possible to download the list of mobile speedcams. We've fixed this problem on 01-08-2009.

If you still encounter this issue, please turn off your iPhone and try again. Contact us if the problem persists after that.

Q: How reliable is this application?

How much can I trust this application, are these all the speedcams and radars out there?


We do our best to provide the most updated information. For example we combine multiple sources to supply you with all information available. Every day people use our application and report new radars, we verify and add this as quickly as possible.

But we cannot guarantee that all speedcams are listed. The mobile radar list is purely provided by the people out there that make an notification. We obviously don't get this information directly from police, that said we (or anyone else in that matter) cannot gaurantee the list is complete. We are however confident that our list is the most accurate out there!