Safe yourself a speeding ticket! Meet Speedcams an application that makes you aware of the location of a speed cams and speed traps in your proximity. There's nothing worse than having a relaxing drive and not noticing you've been driving slightly too fast, only to be supprised with a fine a few weeks later!

Speedcams is capable of warning you when a speed cam or speed trap is nearby, so you can adjust your speed accordingly. Speedcams uses 3G and GPS Positioning to determine your position.

* Update 3.0 free for all previous users.
Always up-to-date
Speedcams is capable of retrieving real-time information of upcoming speed traps. It will instantly make you aware by means of an alert and a clear icon, that there is a speed trap nearby. It will additionally accurately show you the latest speedcams in your proximity, thanks to a constant connection with the cloud.

Our systems are updated constantly throughout the day with changes being processed real-time and instantly shown to you; the end user.

A more detailed selection can be made to only show the most recently reported speed traps in your proximity. Ensuring the likelihood of an actual speed trap being shown.

We currently are able to show you real-time speed traps for any reported location on the World and speedcams throughout Europe.
Push notifications!
Make a selection of roads or routes you wish to receive PUSH messages for, the moment a speed trap has been seen there! Specify if you want to watch a specific road or a complete route.

Roads are categorized per country, where you can make a further selection on regional roads or highways. For every selected road you can further specify the time-slot and days upon which you wish to receive PUSH messages.

Routes are more advanced, a selection is made `FROM` and `TO` a preferred location after which we'll determine the relevant roads that lie between these 2 points. We will send PUSH messages if a speed trap is spotted on one of the roads within the specified route. This is not purely limited to highways, streets are also included! As with roads you can further specify the time-slot and days upon which you wish to receive PUSH messages for a route.
Through the online portal you can add your own GPS points, this gives you new possibilities. Every GPS point you added is automatically and directly visible on the map in your iPhone application. These are personal GPS points, other users do not see these!

When adding GPS points through the portal, you can select up to 5 different types of GPS point. The 4 standard types (see below) and 1 favorite type. This enables you to add GPS points that are in no way related to speed cams/traps, for instance your favorite parking garage of gas station; you decide!
What does it mean
A picture says more than a 1000 words. We make understandable icons, so you can keep your focus on the road!
Speed trap
Section control
Max. Speed
Red Light
On the map
At any given moment you can, in real-time, see nearby speed cams/traps on the map based upon your current GPS position. If when nearing a speed cam or trap a configurable boundary has been crossed, you will receive a clear notice (also configurable) warning you of its presence.

By additionally displaying clear icons on the map (displayed below) you instantly know which type is located in reference to your current position.
This is empowered by icons displayed at the top of the screen (here displayed left), giving you all the information you require within a blink of the eye.
Comments, suggestions or questions? Please contact us!
Datasupply, the developer of this application, doesn't guarantee this application will safe you every ticket. We are doing our best to keep this application up-to-date with the latest speed cam/speed trap locations, however it could be that there are speed cams that aren't yet in our database (Please report them in that case!)