Speedcams 2.0 has been released.
Oktober, 2009
The iPhone app Speedcams (Flitspalen in Dutch and Blitzer - Europa in German) has got an major update. We are now at version 2.0 which includes mapView. Take a look at the amazing improvements in our portfolio.
Release of our new website
August, 2009
Today we released our new site! We did our best to improve it and show our work in a more glamorous way. We also added a whole new control panel, which lets customers of Data Supply control and organize their products. In the future we will support multi-language.
Dutch iPhone Developer event
July, 2009
We were present at the Dutch Developers event of where we talked about our applications and iPhone development. It was nice to speak with a lot of Dutch iPhone developers. If you missed the event and still interest in our apps, please feel free to contact us.
Banners in iPhone applications
July, 2009
This month we released our first banner in the free iphone app 'iPee Drunk'. Although we'd like to host our own banners in the future, for now we make use of the AdMob system. This is very well documented and organised. We can say that the revenue is acceptable compared to the amount of the app downloads so far.
1 million iphone application downloads!
June, 2009
We are proud to announce that we reached the big figure of 1 million downloads with our iPhone and iPod Touch apps!
Fun or serious business, meet both with iPee Drunk
June, 2009
This month we released the free game 'iPee Drunk'. This somewhat 'obscene' game has been a project to test the boundaries of Apple's approving system. After 2 months struggling with various rules we finally got approved. iPee Drunk is a free game, where you can test your 'peeing' skills.
The most populair online game now available on the iPhone
February, 2009
We released the iPhone and iPod Touch game Bubble Shooter, which is well known by online gamers. Please take a look at the mini site at our portfolio.
Our first iPhone application
Oktober, 2009
We released our first iPhone and iPod Touch app BMI Calculator. This first try is a free application to calculate your health. BMI Calculator support 5 languages and is found in our portfolio section.
iPod Touch and home automation posibilities
We did a small hobby project with the iphone and wrote an article on how to build a home control system for the iphone / ipod touch. This article is released in the dutch magazine computeridee. For more information please consult the 'in the media' section.