Ludo Deluxe is an exciting new title for the Apple iPad, taking board games to a new level! Ludo Deluxe will be a blast from the past with the "original" classic board that everybody has come to love, along with 3 new exciting themes!

Bring back old memories and play Ludo Deluxe with your friends. Ludo Deluxe is playable by up to 4 concurrent players or can even be a mix and match of real players and computer driven players!
Stunning themes
Ludo Deluxe currently contains a total of 4 themes. The 'classic' and well known Ludo theme and 3 alternative themes, to give you a new and exciting experience while playing Ludo. You can switch between themes at any wanted moment without interrupting your gameplay!
* Themes designed by Armada Studios
Single or Multiplayer
Ludo Deluxe can be played in the way you prefer. Play the game by yourself against computer controlled players, together with friends or even a combination of friends and computer players! Mix and match in whatever way you prefer and play this game with up to 4 different players.

The game board has been designed to be playable at all angles, allowing you to place your iPad on middle of the table and sit around it with your friends for a fun and exciting gaming experience.

Ludo Deluxe for the Apple iPad has kept the original Ludo gaming experience alive and enhanced this board game with computer controlled players and new and stunning graphics giving players access to the next generation of board games!
Ludo deluxe will be available for $1,99 this April. You can buy and download Ludo Deluxe in iTunes or in the app store on your iPad.