Fitness Pro
A great App for working out!
See promo page for more information about this App.

Release date: 12-12-2009
size: 9.2mb

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No more speedtickets!
Speedcams or in Dutch, Flitspalen is an application that provides
Speedcam and radar information based on GPS.

Release date: 14-04-2009
size: 0.2mb

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Instantly acces information about any car.
Just simply fill in the licence plate number!
Only available for Dutch licence plates (kenteken)

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Bubble Shooter
Fun and addicted game for the iPhone and iPod Touch.
Clear the game area, by removing as many groups of
identical colored bubbles as possible each turn.

Release date: 2-2-2009
size: 12mb

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Code Finder
Our first game for the iPhone and iPod Touch.
Try to gues the secret code.

Release date: Oct-30-2008
size: 0.6mb

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Bmi Calculator
We are pleased to announced our first app for the iPhone and iPod Touch.
This app is all about healthcare,
calculate your personal bmi and check your health.

Release date: Oct-3-2008
size: 0.1mb

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