About us


We work day (and nights) in the company, with that in mind it should be easy to write something about the company. However, as you probably predicted, it isn't. What would people exactly like to know when they read about your company? Something about the company naturally, but i think more importantly the people behind the company. So who am I (Martijn)? I started with making websites in 2006 alongside my study and working part-time with a local internet company. Soon it became more that just a part-time job or simple a 'hobby'. That year I decided to start my own company called Data Supply. The name was chosen quite easily, that moment we were making websites and we offered hosting solutions so the name had to be applicable to both. What do we offer? We supply 'data' in form of a website or hosting. Because I felt I was not ready for the big picture yet, I did another 2 studies: Marketing and Multimedia engineer. After graduating in 2008 I could finally focus full-time on my company!

Company focus

As said we started by developing websites and over the years we've build numerous websites in a wide variance of different businesses, mostly for customers. By developing many websites and learning every day, our knowledge has grown a lot. Not just with the web techniques but also with, for example hardware we came across. To get more in detail we made a standalone GPS tracking system which works with Google earth, we wrote a Apple plugin for the 3DConnection Space navigator and had a rating solution for Dutch online games. Those are just some examples of outsteps we've made.

Eventually that made us give a little twist to the company focus. Every day the number of web developers is growing, where on the other hand software and hardware developers is a less 'crowded' market. So step by step we've learned to combine all our knowledge to create great products that interact with all techniques. Beside that fact we see a growing market of Apple users. That has led us to eventually developing for Apple macintosh computers and the iPhone, which in it's turn makes use of internet technology, completing the circle.

Developers info and Partnership

Every day we go to work with the same spark in our eyes as when it all started! We have a passion for technology and have always found collaboration an important factor. There's nothing that gives more satisfaction than working together with colleagues or partners on the next great (iPhone) application! Brainstorming, being creative and innovating are all aspects we hold dear and love sharing with others.

Although we have many projects we work on, we are always open for discussions on possible new projects or partnerships. We are always looking into the latest technological developments and enjoy sharing our thoughts and vision on these developments. Do you have a great idea or would like to brainstorm with us? Don't hesitate to let us know!

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